People Have to See It to Believe It

December 16th

Real estate investment in Portugal is growing, and its forecasts are even more optimistic. Having assisted and represented several investors over the past few months...

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Porto city and Douro river

There is no "Bubble" in Real Estate

October 19th

One of the most talked about topics these days is house prices. This is because the last few years were marked by the most expressive appreciation of housing in Portugal.

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Man making a soap bubble

The Recovery That No One Could...

September 15th

August is considered by many to be the international vacation month. This trend, which seems to have several decades of tradition, continues in full force.

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Tourists walking

Why is BTR so hot right now?

July 16th

The rental market has been a hot topic of conversation in real estate. It's a business model that the vast majority of European countries...

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Apartment in Lisbon

The Importance of A+ Spaces

June 22th

Over the past year, we have been documenting the emerging trends in the real estate market. This period was target of some of the greatest...

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Parking lot garden

Architecture Means Profitability

May 27th

Following our first podcast that was published on the 19th, we received several questions from our followers about our approach to architecture.

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Real Estate Insights by TOTE SER (Podcast)

May 11th

It can be tricky to get our point across in real estate. By being such a diverse market, it's often hard to express to others how we can add value...

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Lisbon city view

Why the Residential Mentality is Changing

May 5th

It seems like every day we see a never-ending tendency to see housing prices go up. Many people that are looking...

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Monsanto and Almada view

CaPex: How to Reduce it in Portuguese Real Estate

April 9th

Following our article published last week, we decided to focus on one of the most important components of asset...

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Dolar symbol

The Art of Repositioning in Real Estate

March 18th

We have been documenting the news and emerging trends in the real estate market in our weekly articles, in order to...

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Open door