How Covid-19 is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market

July 31

Covid-19’s impact in the world is far from ending. This is something that in the early stages of the pandemic was...

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Apartment in Lisbon

How to Turn a 100.000€ Property Into 200.000€

July 21

Can architecture and design increase property value? At TOTE SER we get this question a lot.

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Apartment in Lisbon

Is the Investors' Love for Commercial Assets Ending?

July 9

We have been documenting the impacts of the pandemic for the last three months, and how it affected the industry.

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Mall in Lisbon

The Best Way to Invest in the Portuguese Real Estate Market

July 2

You have all heard about all these huge investments in Real Estate and how safe, profitable and easy they are.

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Best way to invest

The Pandemic’s Impact on Property Value

June 18

Over the last month, TOTE SER documented the impacts of the pandemic on the real estate market.

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Health Tourism

"We Told You So" – Portugal is the 3rd Most Booked Destination...

June 9

In our previous post, we published an article about the trending health tourism, and how Portugal's performance...

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Health Tourism

Health Tourism is the New Trend of 2020

May 29

The current viral conjecture completely devastated the tourism sector, among many others. We can barely see...

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Health Tourism

How to Safely Invest in Real Estate in the Middle of a Pandemic

May 25

We’ve been asked by our clients multiple times about where we stand in the middle of the pandemic, what we preview...

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Real estate investment

Office Design: Can it Help Promoting Productivity and...

May 18

Let’s face it: commuting might be one of our most hated things to do. Waking up super early in the morning, getting...

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Office Design

Working From Home: Will it Impact Residential Design?

May 12

It’s not news that working from home took over as one of the biggest and fastest growing trends in the professional world.

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Trabalhar em casa