Real Estate Insights by TOTE SER (Podcast)

May 11th

It can be tricky to get our point across in real estate. By being such a diverse market, it’s often hard to express to others how we can add value...

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Lisbon city view

Why the Residential Mentality is Changing

May 5th

It seems like every day we see a never-ending tendency to see housing prices go up. Many people that are looking...

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Monsanto and Almada view

CaPex: How to Reduce it in Portuguese Real Estate

April 9th

Following our article published last week, we decided to focus on one of the most important components of asset...

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Dolar symbol

The Art of Repositioning in Real Estate

March 18th

We have been documenting the news and emerging trends in the real estate market in our weekly articles, in order to...

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Open door

What R/Wallstreet Bets Means for Real Estate

February 18th

As you may have heard, last weeks were marked by a never before seen phenomenon in the stock market. The...

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Wall Street sign

TOTE SER’s Comment on JLL’s 2021 Market Overview

February 3rd

January is the traditional month for outlining real estate guidelines. It is at this time that the big firms and players...

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Architecture TOTE SER's office

How Investors are Reacting to 2021 Real Estate Trends

January 12th

Covid-19's second wave hasn't helped anyone. After short months of optimism through an apparently positive...

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Chinese Lantern

Chinese exchange preference in the USA for Portugal - Golden Visa

December 10th

Following the article published by TOTE SER last month, the newspaper "South China Morning Post" reported the...

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Chinese Lantern

Algarve to Receive Europe’s First Luxury Anti-aging and Wellbeing...

November 19th

Europe's first luxury anti-aging and wellness mega-village will be born in the Algarve. The ambitious project...

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Aerial view from Albufeira's interior

Will the Vaccine Impact Real Estate Investment?

November 13th

Following our previous article that revolved around the current uncertainty of the market, we were delighted...

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Brace yourselves: Distressed Assets Are Coming

November 6th

We're entering November and the uncertainty of the market is at an all-time high. Many European countries are...

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This is Lisbon's most expensive office

October 30th

The age old question: What is the most expensive, most luxurious, most exclusive, most sophisticated office in town?...

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Office in Lisbon

The Golden Visa Might End, and Why It isn't Bad for Portugal

October 19th

News just in: «The Golden Visa program is one of the main drivers of what is today consensually considered one...

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Vasco da Gama bridge

Resilience Makes the Winners

October 12th

Being successful in a near-perfect scenario can be easy. It is only when things start to go wrong that real...

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Tree on the desert

What if Office Spaces Became Obsolete?

September 24th

Following our ongoing analysis of the working from home trend, we've come across an article from Bloomberg...

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Why are Property Prices Still Going Up?

September 17th

It's already common to hear people saying that property prices have drastically gone down, and logically, if you...

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Outskirts – The Overlooked Paradise

September 4th

Let's talk about places to live. It's fair to say that the preferred place to live for most people is divided into two...

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25 de ABril bridge

These are the Booming Assets Post Pandemic

August 7th

At TOTE SER we have been always looking on the bright side of things ever since we started our activity – over...

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Logistics Park

How Covid-19 is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market

July 31st

Covid-19's impact in the world is far from ending. This is something that in the early stages of the pandemic was...

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Apartment in Lisbon

How to Turn a 100.000€ Property Into 200.000€

July 21st

Can architecture and design increase property value? At TOTE SER we get this question a lot.

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Apartment in Lisbon

Is the Investors' Love for Commercial Assets Ending?

July 9th

We have been documenting the impacts of the pandemic for the last three months, and how it affected the industry.

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Mall in Lisbon

The Best Way to Invest in the Portuguese Real Estate Market

July 2nd

You have all heard about all these huge investments in Real Estate and how safe, profitable and easy they are.

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Best way to invest

The Pandemic’s Impact on Property Value

June 18th

Over the last month, TOTE SER documented the impacts of the pandemic on the real estate market.

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Personal laptop

"We Told You So" – Portugal is the 3rd Most Booked Destination...

June 9th

In our previous post, we published an article about the trending health tourism, and how Portugal's performance...

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Lisbon tram

Health Tourism is the New Trend of 2020

May 29th

The current viral conjecture completely devastated the tourism sector, among many others. We can barely see...

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Health Tourism

How to Safely Invest in Real Estate in the Middle of a Pandemic

May 25th

We've been asked by our clients multiple times about where we stand in the middle of the pandemic, what we preview...

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Real estate investment

Office Design: Can it Help Promoting Productivity and...

May 18th

Let's face it: commuting might be one of our most hated things to do. Waking up super early in the morning, getting...

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Office Design

Working From Home: Will it Impact Residential Design?

May 12th

It's not news that working from home took over as one of the biggest and fastest growing trends in the professional world.

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Work at home