South Valley and Longevity Med Summit: The well-being and longevity of the human being.

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Today and tomorrow, Portugal hosts the Longevity Med Summit. This is an initiative that meets one of the deepest desires of human beings: to achieve longevity and healthy aging. In this event, knowledge will be shared and provided to the medical community about the importance of helping patients to live longer and to delay possible health problems related to the increase in life expectancy.

The Longevity Med Summit believes that the future of medicine is anti-aging. With this, the most diverse rehabilitation and well-being treatments arrive.

This desire to live well and age in a healthy way is also transversal to the ideals of TOTE SER. As the objective of the Summit, for us, in the real estate sector, we will increasingly have to have a greater concern with the human being, who inhabits the different properties and how they are inserted in the world that surrounds them. Less and less a house, for example, is just four walls. There is a cohabitation with the environment and the way it conveys well-being and health.


Photo of Julia Koblitz in Unsplash

TOTE SER is involved in a project that brings people to a growing concern with the body, its rehabilitation and well-being.In the coming years, an "anti-aging" mega condominium will be born in the Algarve, a pioneering and unique concept in Europe.

The South Valley — official name — will have 126 hectares, where residences (houses and apartments), hotels, rejuvenation and rehabilitation clinics, a university hospital, a Michelin star restaurant, as well as various leisure spaces will be located.

This project, as well as the Longevity Med Summit, reflects a global concern with the health of human beings and their position in the world around us.

South Valley project

Illustration by ECARTFIXE

Like the Summit, which is divided into lectures and networking events to improve quality of life and longevity, Real Estate is also promoting this aspect, as is the example of the South Valley project. Gardens, leisure spaces, health institutions and sports facilities are proof of this concern that the South Valley responds to, in a project that will cost around 250 million euros, possible in 5 years.

In this way, TOTE SER meets a global concern, which already leads to the creation of Summits on the subject. With this unique project, TOTE SER is positioned at the forefront of real estate and the concept of housing well-being.