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    Invest in the Portuguese real estate, with the support of those who have known the market for more than 20 years.

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    Monetize your property through profitable rentals.

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    Experience our projects, designed based on functionality and your well-being.

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    Refurbishment of a two bedroom apartment of an investor, in Lapa, Lisbon.

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We are the architecture atelier that

creates builds refurbishes transforms monetizes

your space.

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Architecture Projects

Do you own a property and need a project for refurbishment, transformation or new construction? Functionality, well-being and profitability are the main factors of our projects.

Construction Coordination

Do you need to do construction on your property? We assume the planning and monitoring of its execution to guarantee the fulfilment of all deadlines, and that the project details are respected.

Urban Refurbishment

Are you the owner of a damaged property? With 20 years of experience in refurbishment, we handle the entire process, from planning, design, licensing and work, all to ensure the highest profitability.

Real Estate Monetization

Do you want to monetize your property but do not know how? We offer a set of services that can help you monetize your apartment or building.

Property Management

Leave the management of your property to the specialists. Through our communication channels and our know-how in property management, you can now start occupying your free time in the best ways.


Having electrical or plumbing problems in your house? These and other day-to-day house problems can be fixed by our skilled team.

Where you see a ruin,
We see an opportunity.

If you own a building or apartment in bad condition and/or vacant, Architecture Tote Ser offers a wide range of solutions to monetize your property.

With the experience of more than 20 years in monetization and refurbishment of real estate, Architecture Tote Ser will help you to monetize your assets through our partnerships .With no costs for you. .

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Interior photo of a building in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, for refurbishment

Architecture Projects