Civil Construction in Portugal and the Boost of the Real Estate Market

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Civil construction plays an important role in serving the Real Estate market and in contributing to the growth of the economy of a country like Portugal.

Civil construction is responsible for going against the Real Estate sector, be it residential, commercial or tourism. In this sense, when building new properties, this industry helps to increase the supply of the Real Estate market, thus responding to the increased demand for housing, offices, commercial spaces and hotels, going against the trend in the United States and other European countries.

In addition, to new development construction, this area also plays an important role in the reconstruction, conversion and rehabilitation of existing properties. It is about reclassifying, modernizing and improving old or abandoned buildings, making them attractive to investors and end customers. Renovation and rehabilitation contribute to the appreciation of Real Estate assets as well as the urban park.

People supervising the works

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Civil construction is also responsible for building essential infrastructure, such as roads, sewage and water networks, electricity, public transport, as well as urban outdoor spaces, among other urban services. The development of these infrastructures is fundamental for the growth of cities and regions, making them more attractive for Real Estate investment. New investors for Portuguese economic development. In addition, the construction of infrastructure in the outskirts can boost urban expansion and open up new opportunities for Real Estate development and attracting a young and qualified population.

In terms of creating jobs and boosting the economy, civil construction is one of the main sectors. The sector employs a wide range of professionals, such as architects, engineers, masons, electricians, plumbers, among others. The increase in civil construction activity boosts the country's economy, creating direct and indirect jobs, stimulating consumption and working with related sectors, such as suppliers of construction materials, services and others.

Construction worker working on the property

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Civil construction, by helping the Real Estate market to increase the offer of heritage and by improving urban infrastructure, contributes to the enhancement of existing properties. New developments and infrastructure upgrades increase asset value, offering a potential return on investment for owners and investors. This helps to boost the Real Estate market which thus manages to attract more interest and economic activity in the country.

In short, civil construction plays a key role in helping the Real Estate sector drive the country forward. In this way, the Real Estate market is able to provide new and rehabilitated buildings and differentiated infrastructures. This synergistic relationship between civil construction and the Real Estate sector contributes to the country's economic growth and sustainable development.