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Owner More with Less Program

Old building

Old building por @TOTE SER

In 2024, TOTE SER Launches the Innovative "Proprietário Mais com Menos" Program, an initiative aimed at increasing the value of undervalued/under-rented vacant properties.

TOTE SER, leader in real estate partnerships, announces this year the launch of the "Proprietário Mais com Menos" program, with the aim of transforming vacant buildings in underutilized conditions, providing maximum value with zero worries and zero additional costs for owners .

TOTE SER's three-decade trajectory, marked by consolidated partnerships and strategic investments, culminates in this visionary project, through the solutions it presents and focusing efforts on the profitability and appreciation of properties.

In line with the company's fundamental philosophy, whose mission is to provide an excellent positive emotional impact to the user, the program incorporates innovative techniques to improve functionality and expanded perception of the space. The result is an exclusive experience in which users perceive TOTE SER spaces as fluid and functional environments – spaces with greater amplitude in relation to real dimensions.

By committing to an approach that transcends conventional expectations, TOTE SER aims to establish a new level of excellence in the real estate market, offering not just a solution, but a unique experience of asset appreciation. This program exemplifies the company's dedication to meeting the highest standards of its distinguished clientele – users, owners and investors.

Expertise in analysis highlights competence in strategic design, aiming to achieve maximum profitability and appreciation – identifying the ideal relationship between investment and time is essential to optimize results and the respective return timings.

Vacant building

Vacant building by @TOTE SER

Reconstructed building

Reconstructed building by @TOTE SER

The program "Proprietário Mais com Menos" is an interesting and innovative initiative to deal with the challenge of recovering vacant and undervalued properties in large urban centers and can also be applied to land for new construction.

The approach of joining forces with a group of investors and offering a comprehensive solution to property owners, whether private or institutional, is a strategy that can bring benefits to both parties.

Some key points of this program include:

  • Assessment and Feasibility Study
    TOTE SER carries out a general assessment of the real estate asset, followed by a feasibility and profitability study. This allows you to identify potential opportunities for the appreciation and profitability of assets.

  • Project Development and Management
    Once the conditions have been agreed, TOTE SER assumes responsibility for the development of the project, including licensing processes, and its ongoing management. This relieves owners of concerns and allows them to monitor developments in regular meetings.

  • Geographic Expansion
    It currently operates in the national real estate market, with its plans to expand the initiative across borders by the end of the year. It thus demonstrates a vision for growth and an international approach to maximizing opportunities.

  • Investor Engagement
    Collaboration with various investors, both national and international, private and institutional, is fundamental to the success of the program. The partnership over the years suggests a solid foundation of financial support and a wide range of solutions to address the specific challenges of the real estate sector.

  • Greater Appreciation without Additional Investment
    The program highlights the possibility for owners to obtain greater appreciation from their real estate assets without the need for know-how, additional capital investment, time or worries, being a significant attraction for those looking to optimize the return on their real estate investments.

In short, TOTE SER comprehensively addresses the concerns of real estate owners regarding the profitability and appreciation of their assets. The success of the program depends on the effectiveness of its execution and the ability to adapt to the different dynamics of the real estate market.

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Assets under Analysis

Properties undergoing feasibility analysis under the Owner More with Less Program.

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