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Vacant building

Photography by TOTE SER: Vacant building

TOTE SER's history is in co-investment, in accompanying and creating opportunities for different investors and owners, with the aim of maximizing the profitability of their assets or real estate investment.

Owners, who may be institutional or private, are presented with several possible scenarios, some with better returns than others, but fortunately, in general, always with good results. An owner with a completely vacant building will be able to obtain the following support:

  1. Assessment of the property by a specialized multidisciplinary team, taking into account the location, condition and potential it may have, in light of similar experiences over its long history.
  2. After evaluating and defining the value of the building, possible scenarios for maximum profitability are presented, taking into account optimization in terms of investment, time (ranging from investment to return on capital and maximum optimization of space):
    1. Place your property into an investment pool made up of investors and/or TOTE SER, receiving a percentage proportional to the value of the building (assigned in the initial assessment) in relation to the total investment to be made. With the final sale of the project, the value is divided proportionally to the investment of the parties. In the case of the owner, it will be proportional to the value attributed to the property in the initial conditions.
      It is the most advantageous solution for the owner, as there are no costs such as design, works, time, concern or any other, receiving the value of the building plus the percentile of capital gains and benefiting from all the know-how of 30 years creating value in real estate.
    2. Take the process of monetizing your property to the end, using the services of TOTE SER, which with its experience manages the entire process, from the project to its profitability.
    3. You are presented with an acquisition value for your building as is. Having the option to sell it or not to TOTE SER.
    4. Trust your property to TOTE SER for marketing, which will present it to potential interested parties in existing pools and/or in its network of private and institutional investors.
  3. These are the opportunities that always guarantee the best result at the end of the process, given our extensive experience as co-investors in the development of the most diverse profitability situations in real estate.

Within each scenario, there may be different alternatives, because each case is different and together with us you can make your decisions based on the most real information on the market.

If you are the owner or co-owner of one or more buildings, contact us with no obligation using the form below or by calling (+351) 213240920, we are at your disposal.

Our purpose is to create value for heritage!

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