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TOTE SER has a knowledgeable and skilled team that has had constant presence in the market. This allows for investors to get the profitability, valorization and security they are looking for.

The more than 25 years in the Portuguese Real Estate Market, the several market cycles and exceeded challenges, and all the acquired know-how, TOTE SER assesses the feasibility, understands the financial requirements, avoids risks and predicts the success of your real estate asset investment.

Our multidisciplinary team, with professionals in the areas of Architecture, Law, Economics, Maintenance, Communication and Management, follows all the stages of the process, from the identification of the business opportunity to its profitability.

As proof of trust, TOTE SER can also be an investment partner in the business.


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Information of Real Estate Business Opportunities

The analysis of all the information of real estate business opportunities, resulting from the most varied sources and with the help of network, built over the decades, allows us to present the best solution for the investors.

That being said, TOTE SER counts with an experienced team on the field and, along with technical experts in the financial area, studies the feasibility of real estate opportunities in the Portuguese market.

Architecture project

Architecture Projects

TOTE SER's project differentiating element is specialization in the profitability and valorization of real estate assets. The large experience as a multidisciplinary team (Architecture, Law, Economics Maintenance, Communication and Management) results in satisfaction, whether the option is selling or rental.

It's about an architecture project that ads value and it's based on the Real Estate market's premises, which gives the owner and/or investor the ability to convert their property into liquidity.

This architecture project, specialized in the profitability and valorization of real estate assets, is responsible for the demand from institutional investors and real estate investment funds (FII, SIGI or REIT) because of the higher rate of profitability and performance that real estate assets have provided.

Licensing and legalizations

Licensing and Legalization

For licensing and legalization of architecture projects, as well as construction works and especially for urban regeneration, it is necessary to know the market and its bases so you can have approvals from the competent entities.

All of TOTE SER's projects are created and executed for governmental entities approval. If you have a project and you need us to handle these complex processes, we can analyze it and advise you in order to get the approval from the competent entities.

Construction management and supervision

Construction Management & Supervision

Putting together a team that is capable to do all the work, whether it's construction, reconstruction or regeneration, from an early stage of the process until its end, maintaining it and meeting its deadlines is not an easy task. At TOTE SER we manage and supervise the construction so that your project can be completed successfully.

For more than 25 years, TOTE SER has been collaborating with the most experienced and professional entities in the market in every area of the process and supervises it until it's successfully completed.

Whether it's construction, reconstruction or regeneration, trust us with your project, because we trust the ones who will execute it.

Interior design

Interior Design

Whether it's to live or work, the well being and the comfort of the space are a priority for TOTE SER. To this end, our Interior Design and Architecture team, with its wide experience, integrate the so-called conventional architecture with the ancient technique and philosophy Feng Shui. A set of rules applied to every country of the Asian continent, Japan, Singapore, among others.

From decoration to optimization of space, everything is thought to the smallest detail, creating harmony of the architecture itself with the selection of colors and the positioning of the furniture.

Rules like for example the creation of the most relaxing and restorative place of your energy, that is obtained through the main sofa of your house. The sofa should be against a main wall, so that, when seated, you can control the entrances of the space you're encountered. This is how your alert system relaxes and you get the feeling of physical well-being.

The increased comfort and well being reflect a better result in the profitability of the owner / investor at the time of sale or rent.

Spaces full of emotions with high profitability:

Real estate asset management

Real Estate Asset Management

Holiday, short, medium or long term rental, knowing the percentage of the assets assigned to each type of rental and market's momentum result in a dynamic management and maximum profitability for a real estate asset portfolio. Knowing the right time to rent, sell or reinvest it's real estate asset management team's responsibility and daily focus.

TOTE SER has also an active management team in the maintenance of the building, increasing the longevity and valorization of the asset.

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