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TOTE SER's history is in co-investment, in accompanying and creating opportunities for different investors and owners, with the aim of maximizing the profitability of their assets or real estate investment.

The alternative to financial markets is investing in real estate. The stock and financial market is very volatile to external actions, while real estate, despite its variations, has greater stability and an increasing appreciation over time, over decades.

In Portugal, the real estate market continues to be resilient and growing, being a very serious bet, due to its increasing optimization and professionalization, to something to consider when you want to invest.

TOTE SER has been in the market for 30 years, which gives it experience and know-how, and always looks to create investment pools with the highest possible returns, through a careful choice of real estate assets presented to us by various sources of information.

In an investment pool, TOTE SER co-invests with investors and/or owners, thus transmitting greater confidence to participants. However, investors may not want TOTE SER to participate, as TOTE SER will manage the various phases of the process. Discover some of TOTE SER's investment pools here.

If you want to join a real estate investment pool, contact us using the form below or by calling (+351) 213240920, we are at your disposal to present you with a scenario of maximum return on capital!

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