Chinese exchange preference in the USA for Portugal - Golden Visa

December 10th

Following the article published by TOTE SER last month, the newspaper "South China Morning Post" reported the...

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Chinese Lantern

Algarve to Receive Europe's First Luxury Anti-aging and Wellbeing...

November 19th

Europe's first luxury anti-aging and wellness mega-village will be born in the Algarve. The ambitious project...

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Aerial view from Albufeira's interior

Will the Vaccine Impact Real Estate Investment?

November 13th

Following our previous article that revolved around the current uncertainty of the market, we were delighted...

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Brace yourselves: Distressed Assets Are Coming

November 6th

We're entering November and the uncertainty of the market is at an all-time high. Many European countries are...

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This is Lisbon's most expensive office

October 30th

The age old question: What is the most expensive, most luxurious, most exclusive, most sophisticated office in town?...

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Office in Lisbon

The Golden Visa Might End, and Why It isn't Bad for Portugal

October 19th

News just in: «The Golden Visa program is one of the main drivers of what is today consensually considered one...

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Vasco da Gama bridge

Resilience Makes the Winners

October 12th

Being successful in a near-perfect scenario can be easy. It is only when things start to go wrong that real...

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Tree on the desert

What if Office Spaces Became Obsolete?

September 24th

Following our ongoing analysis of the working from home trend, we've come across an article from Bloomberg...

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Why are Property Prices Still Going Up?

September 17th

It's already common to hear people saying that property prices have drastically gone down, and logically, if you...

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Outskirts - The Overlooked Paradise

September 4th

Let's talk about places to live. It's fair to say that the preferred place to live for most people is divided into two...

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25 de Abril bridge