Algarve to Receive Europe's First Luxury Anti-aging and Wellbeing Mega-Village

Europe's first luxury anti-aging and wellness mega-village will be born in the Algarve. The ambitious project will rely on active management by TOTE SER, in partnership with international owners. This initiative aims to provide the Algarve with a pioneering international destination in bringing together apartments, single-family homes, hotels, leisure and health. The initial project, which covers a plot of 126 hectares, consists of several green areas, areas dedicated to leisure, spaces for residences - apartments and houses -, a private international university campus hospital, rejuvenation and detox clinics and several reserved areas for hotels and restaurants.

Hospital illustration

Illustration by ECARTFIXE

As for the health component, a University Campus Hospital that will bring students from all over the world, two rehabilitation clinics, adictology, nutrition and psychology- and two apart-hotels with 24/7 medical support. To these is added the extensive outdoor space that allows equestrian and pedestrian walks along the village trails.

Combined with the sophistication and functionality of the space, the bet on sustainability is the face of the “South Valley”. Since 70% of the energy used will be solar in conjunction with rainwater collectors and organic waste treatment, the ambition of this venture is to put into practice the emerging importance of a low ecological footprint.

Activities illustration

Illustration by ECARTFIXE

Because nutrition was approached with special attention, the South Valley will include an organic farm that will contribute to 80% of the fruits and vegetables consumed locally. In order to appeal to the residents' nutrition, the acclaimed nutritionist Caroline Bienert, among other specialists, will be in charge of the wellness program that extends from food coaching, detox programs and personalized diet monitoring.

For tourism, a 5-star Hotel and SPA is planned. A Michelin Star quality restaurant and art gallery will also be built in this area. It would be impossible for a project of this dimension not to have a residential base. Thus, a plethora of highly sophisticated residential apartments and single-family houses was designed with the help of 2.0 home automation systems.

Restaurant and museum illustration

Illustration by ECARTFIXE

The purpose of this venture is to appeal to a segment that, although exists, does not yet have facilities of a caliber comparable to “South Valley”. The possibility of enjoying a space of unparalleled quality and refinement, 15 minutes from Albufeira and 40 km from Faro Airport, makes it the only one of its kind.

It is already in the final planning phase of the project, and the possibility of one or more co-investors is currently open.

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