TOTE SER Co-Hosts GRI Club's Meeting

You don't have time to read? Now you can listen.

On April 7th TOTE SER co-hosted, in her offices of Edifício Presidente in Lisbon, the “Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Portugal” meeting by GRI Club, which was attended by almost 40 senior members and real estate market players, not only national but also international. These work in a variety of areas, such as residential, hospitality, commercial, logistics, coworking, coliving, among others.

The Portuguese real estate market has witnessed an exponential increase of important real estate investment activities, both national and international, positioning Portugal as an increasingly wanted destination worldwide. The main objective of this meeting was to discuss our country's ability to remain competitive in attracting and retaining foreign capital.

Of the various topics discussed, there was mention of transaction volumes, namely real estate investment activity and highlighted deals in Portugal. Investment profiles were discussed, where to look for new opportunities and future gains, taking into account the current prices and the repurposing of assets.

Finally, was discussed future perspectives and upcoming challenges, what is to come in the investment cycle, how to mitigate risks and how Portugal can remain competitive in order to attract international capital.

GRI Club's meeting in Lisbon

Photo by Filipe Vera-Cruz

This meeting precedes the major international event “Portugal GRI 2022”, which will take place in June this year. This will count not only with the presence of TOTE SER, but also with the participation of an increasing number of national and international players of this market. This confirms the increasing demand and foreign “appetite” for real estate investment in Portugal.

See below the meeting's photos by Filipe Vera-Cruz.