A Case of Success… Among Practically Everyone, Fortunately!

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John, an investor, was looking for a relevant business opportunity. He had heard a lot about the appreciation of the Real Estate market in Portugal and decided to explore the investment possibilities in this activity.

John, did his research and was impressed by the favorable environment for doing business in Portugal. He discovered that the country had a strategic location, bordering Spain, good roads, accessible airports and easy entry into the European market. In addition, Portugal is a European country, with political stability and a highly qualified workforce.

Intrigued, John decided to visit the country to better understand this market and perhaps to invest in it. He traveled to Lisbon, the capital, where he was impressed by the vibrant entrepreneurial scene.

Airplane taking off

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Before landing in Portugal, John had already defined an amount he was willing to invest in the country.

John, until today, had always been connected to the financial sector, but never related to the Real Estate market and he thought that investing in this new branch for him would be a possibility that could have a great financial return. But, as he didn't know the market and to make the most of his investment, taking as little risk as possible, like all intelligent investors who want to save time and more money, he searched for the so-called Local Partner to hold some meetings with eventual candidates. It is at one of these meetings/presentations that the TOTE SER option appears — specializing in Real Estate investment.

The first questions TOTE SER asked were: what is the initial amount it intended to invest and whether it would like to make the investment alone or as a co-investor. Thus, TOTE SER intended to understand the total value of the investment and know John's profile, in order to adapt it to the various investment hypotheses - belonging to a pool of investors, investing with just one more partner, which could be TOTE SER for example, or John as the sole investor from A to Z, and taking advantage of all the guidance and strategy for developing the business.

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In this sense, TOTE SER proceeded with a prospection, consulting its entire network that continues to accumulate after its 30 years in the market. And so, with the greatest number of sources of information, it is possible to obtain the best result for John's investment profile.

With the prospecting done, the business model was presented: an architectural project focused on the perception of the user's well-being, TOTE SER's differentiating character. It is the well-being and the perception of larger spaces that makes the final buyer opt for smaller areas and pay the same price as he would for larger houses. This is the phenomenon that produces the best return to the investor through the faster sale of the property and with a value per m2 higher than that practiced in the national market. John was surprised! He realized that he really needed support so as not to compromise the investment.

John, heard from a local that «Portugal is a garden planted by the sea» and for him, who had not understood the expression at first, quickly realized that the country had an indescribable beauty in a valuable location and that brings together unique characteristics.

Once the business model was identified and approved, the process moved forward.

Building under construction with scaffolding

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TOTE SER licensed the project from the competent authorities and carried out all the necessary monitoring of the development of the reconstruction works of a previously selected building. John placed all his trust in the company, not only because he understood the importance of being accompanied by a company specialized in the sector, that knows the country, the market and its local vicissitudes, as well as all the processes necessary to carry out the project.

However, John decided to make several visits to the constructions, following the beginning from the reinforced concrete structure to the final finishes. What TOTE SER really didn't know is that John's interest was not in following the work, but in eating a Pastel de Nata, which he really liked, at the pastry shop that was in front of his property.

The days passed and the project went from paper to the street in Lisbon that John had chosen. "It looks like a postcard!" — said John, while taking photos and selfies to send to his family and friends.

At that moment, John only had one doubt. Whether he would take over the sale or rent of the property. Quickly, he left this process to TOTE SER, not before shaking hands with his representative and crossing the street to eat another wonderful Pastel de Nata.

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John's story, as an astute, conservative and at the same time visionary investor, was able to identify opportunities in a rising country like Portugal and contribute to its economic growth. His courage in exploring new markets and controlling risk by choosing a local partner with solidity and a market attitude in a quality contribution, and sobriety of his projects is what results in a growing profitability and appreciation of the heritage over time.

The key to success is always in the idea of the Business Strategy proposed in each situation and each client, and this capacity comes from the many years of experience of “a lot of work” done.