The Best Way to Invest in the Portuguese Real Estate Market

You have all heard about all these huge investments in Real Estate and how safe, profitable and easy they are. In some instances it almost seems like every average Joe is capable of scoring multimillion dollar deals - but is that really true? This week we bring you the realest insight on Real Estate Investment, and how TOTE SER became a staple throughout 30 years of experience.

We've said it many times: Real Estate Investment isn't rocket science. However, it is important to know that, as with every other market, there are associated risks. There is no wax on and wax off to Real Estate investment, you learn by doing it - but the key point here is that you can save time and resources by trusting a highly qualified team that is dedicated to provide you with know-how, management and contacts, resulting in better quality and therefore results.

Building in Princípe Real, Lisbon

The road to success in this sector often lies in the amount of information you have on the market or asset. There is however, a handicap in the sense that the activity is very dependent on many factors, such as construction, investor capital, good information on business opportunities and good management of all resources. The great advantage of a partnership with those who do real estate business is that they have this same notion and can provide exclusive information that we transmit - coming from law firms, enforcement agents, scouts and mediators, among others. The activities of this business always require large amounts of investment, meaning that if we can't count on partners with great know-how of real estate, we are subject to either winning or losing a lot of money.

Our focus at TOTE SER is exactly that, providing our investors with exclusive information about assets so we can fulfill their needs with the help of unlisted property at great prices that fits the investment criteria. But how do we do it? Establishing contacts and relationships is a lengthy process; it does not happen overnight, in fact, it took 30 years. From mixed-use properties, to retail, residential, office, commercial, health care, you name it - the company has assisted numerous foreign investors in various stages of their business, ranging from surveying market opportunities, asset management (sale and renting) and development, profitability studies, architectural projects, construction and refurbishment works, among others. The resulting know-how of our 3 decades of operation is what made us a staple in Real Estate.

Building in Chiado, Lisbon

Our market of choice

Choosing a market is perhaps even more important than having a network of specialists ready to help you develop your Real Estate Empire. Every country has a distinct Real Estate panorama and structure, meaning the legislation, prices and contacts are completely different. Knowing where you're investing from A to Z will prepare you for the obstacles and enlighten you on the arising opportunities of that market. With this being said, how do you choose where to put your money on? At TOTE SER, we firmly believe that the Portuguese market is one of the most stable, balanced and lucrative markets of today, far from achieving the maturity stage. From stable temperatures all year round and over 3000 hours of sun, to being the 3rd safest country in the world, good infrastructures, high quality and free health care and overall political stability - it has the recipe for a very promising market, and this is why it became our home.

Portugal can provide a very schematic overview of property abundance, price and quality. Across the coastline you can find the biggest number of habitants, property and businesses - these are obviously more sought after than the center of Portugal, but are equally more expensive. In the center you can find cheaper properties, together with less population density and of course less activity in general. The southern part of the country is mostly reserved for tourism as it counts on beautiful beaches and other leisure activities - this is mostly visited during summer time. We have specialized in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Since our philosophy is all about adding value, we focus on scoring underappreciated assets and turn them into state of the art properties, dramatically increasing their market value and resulting in highly profitable flips.

Investing in Real Estate is all about information and opportunity. Want to find out how we can add value to your company? Send us an email and become a staple in the Real Estate Business.