Short, Medium and Long Term Rentals

Architecture Tote Ser has been working for more than twenty years in the real estate market, where we manage and refurbish every type of property. We know about houses like no one else. Our experience gives us the know-how to perfect an integrated and dynamic real estate rental model, with proven results for the owner and investor. After all, we know how to make the most of each property. In our formula, profitability comes from the diversification and application of our various rental modes.

Touristic Accommodation InSuites

InSuites is a short and medium-term accommodation concept, created by Architecture Tote Ser. You will find us in the best areas of Portugal: Lisbon and Algarve..

Over the past twenty years, Architecture Tote Ser received buildings in every possible state and created accommodation spaces that most would deem impossible. Just ask the thousands of people who stayed at InSuites, in love with our spaces - and with Portugal! Or, most of all, our investors, who saw their static property turned into a source of profitability.

Here, you will find harmony, well-being and comfort; a functional, modern environment - just as if you were home. At the same time, the security, credibility and guarantee from the best investments.

We have created spaces in which you will want to stay forever. Good news: InSuites apartments are also available for sale.


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Short Term / Long Term Rental

Your real estate assets, after being refurbished by Architecture Tote Ser, may be available for medium to long term rental. This type of rental ensures long-term profitability. Your investment, comfortable and safe, returns to you, month after month, in the shape of income.

Architecture Tote Ser connects you to interested tenants with methods such as:

  • Partnerships with multinational companies that periodically send their employees to us for medium and long term periods;
  • A network of contacts that is continuously growing;
  • Contacts by private individuals - people who find the ideal house within our list of properties.

Room Rental

The room renting modality allows for the division of a house into fractions, turning every part of your property into a source of profit.

The present is the right time to invest in the rental of bedrooms. According to the Portuguese portal, from 2015 to 2016, demand for rooms in Portugal doubled, as well as prices, which increased by an average of 9%.

The vast experience acquired by Architecture Tote Ser allows us to optimize the space of your apartment and leave it with the ideal characteristics to guarantee the maximum result in the rental of rooms.

Therefore, we offer several tools to ensure you will find the right tenant for your room:

  • Establishment of lasting partnerships with various organizations in a wide national and international network - students, staff, events, congresses;
  • Privileged and experienced collaboration with several online room search platforms.

Rooms in Lisbon