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Architecture Tote Ser provides several real estate investments. To facilitate your investment, we have created a business model: INVESPPOOL.

No matter who you are, investor or property owner, you have just found the way to your money.

So we can lead you to the right information, choose the modality that suits you.

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Why invest in the Portuguese real estate market?

Since 2008, several measures were taken by the Portuguese government, turning this real estate market into one of the most wanted in Europe.

Let us point out some of the reasons why Portugal should be the place for your investment:

Stable and safe socio-political conjuncture
Excellent tech and physical infrastructures
Great touristic affluence– opportunity for rental
Quality of the architecture’s work / construction
Facility/ quality to generate business
Propitious regulatory setting
Sustainable growth of the Portuguese real estate
Quality of life
Strategic and accessible localization
Culture, history and gastronomy
Access to the European and Portuguese-speaking market
Competitive prices – real estate and cost of living
Remarkable tax benefits for European citizens
Incentive programmes to the foreign investment – best Golden Visa
Innovation, technology and entrepeneurship

Are you an European Investor?

Get to know the fiscal advantages to invest in Portugal as an European citizen.

Are you a non-European Investor?

Get to know the fiscal advantages to invest in Portugal as an non-European citizen.


Are you the owner of
a degraded property?

How much is your property worth? More than what you think. However, it needs to be with the atelier that understands it better than anyone: Architecture Tote Ser.

Throughout the last 20 years, we took numerous properties and transformed them: in well-being, profit, aesthetics, functionality. We see the best in your property and bring it to you.

The solution we consider for you consists of a partnership for the refurbishment of your property. We provide you with the structure needed to transform your property, monetizing it to its maximum potential.

You can also chose for its’ alienation, where we, along with our investors, can make an offer based on the main evaluation factors of the real estate market.

The choice is yours. Contact us!

Building for refurbishment in Bairro Alto, Lisbon