Architecture Projects

Do you own a property and need the project for rehabilitation, transformation or new construction? Functionality, well-being and profitability are the main factors of our projects.

We construct, convert and / or refurbish your assets, guaranteeing its profitability. Our purpose is to reach the harmony of your spaces, both in its use and in its profitability through rental or sale.

It's your choice, we're here to help!

Architecture project
Monitoring and inspection of construction works

Construction Coordination

Do you need to do any construction in your property? The efficient coordination of the construction work is one of the key factors for the success of your property. With more than 20 years of experience in projects, construction and rehabilitation, we can affirm ourselves as the right partner.

We assume the planning and the monitoring of its execution, in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the deadlines and ensure that all the details of the project are respected.

Choose the right partner, choose ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER!

Urban Refurbishment

Are you the owner of a degraded property? With more than 20 years of experience in refurbishment, we deal with the entire process from planning, design, licensing to the construction itself. Everything to ensure the highest profitability.

This is one of the areas of architecture and civil construction that requires the most skill: maintaining the identity of the property while optimizing space, requires deep knowledge of the work to be executed.

With the experience acquired in the refurbishment of some buildings in Chiado (after the fire in 1988), we have specialized in this facet of architecture. With a strong focus on the historical districts of the city, such as Alcântara, Alfama, Bairro Alto, Baixa, Chiado, Estrela, Lapa, Mouraria and Príncipe Real, we have developed a maturity that allows us to generate added value to our heritage.

Experience and knowledge is what we can offer you!

Refurbishment of an apartment
Apartment in Chiado monetized through touristic rental

Real Estate Monetization

Do you want to monetize your property and do not know how? We offer a set of services that can help you monetize your apartment or building.

With the strong demand in the real estate market by foreign investors, as well as the growing increase of tourism in Portugal, we have channels that allow you to monetize your property, whether through sale or its short/ medium term rental.

Monetize your property now with ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER!

Property Management

Leave the management of your property to the true specialists. Through our communication channels and with our know-how in real estate management, you can now occupy your free time in the best ways.

With a specialized team to ensure the proper functioning of your assets, you can be in peace, by leaving the usual vicissitudes that a property can bring, with ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER.

Stop worrying!

Asset Management
Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Are you having any electrical or plumbing problems home? These and other normal day-to-day problems of a property can be solved by our team of experienced technicians.

Take care of your property with us!