Remodelling of medical clinic in Marquês de Pombal, Lisbon

Private Medical Clinic Renovation

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architect: Miguel Meira
Functionality: Medical Clinic
Location: Marquês de Pombal, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Instituto Médico da Rodrigo da Fonseca

This architectural project is aimed at rehabilitating the dental clinic located at address mentioned above. Based on the study made at the place, we proposed a series of interventions to correct the deficiencies found and give the space higher quality and comfort.

Therefore, the removal of the floor of the toilet facilities and hallway was made so they could be repaired and corrected through net and leveling, for laying ceramic flooring Stone. This same material was also applied on the walls of the toilets and the plasterboard ceilings treated with a Matesica water based sealant and painted later.

In the case of the remaining rooms, front office and hallway, the walls were targeted for repair and painting with plastic paint as well as new ceilings were created in plasterboard, painted later. In the reception area the counter was set up, painted with enamel. The waiting area was equipped with a plane mirror to expand the visual space.

The proposed work represents an intervention that we thought would remedy the problems found in space so that their use was possible without any restriction.