Blueprint of the refurbishment of two bedrooms apartment in Lapa, Lisbon

Refurbishment of an Apartment

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architects: Miguel Meira and Rita Ortiz
Functionality: Residential / Touristic
Location: Lapa, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Private

It is in Lapa that we may find this space, located in the ground floor of the building in Rua Maestro António Taborda. In its’ surrounding, we may find Infante Santo Avenue, the Guerra Junqueiro Garden, popularly known as Garden of Estrela, and the majority of the foreign country embassies to be found in Portugal.

The main objective of this project is to correct a series of defects detected at the time of the first apartment visit. Despite presenting an appearance somewhat well maintained, as we look with more detail, we are able to verify that we are facing an apartment with considerable humidity and infiltration problems, as well as lack of maintenance.

Therefore, the presented proposal meets the solving of the existing problem, both in a construction level as in a comfort level. A modification in the initial space layout was made. The living area will switch to the main façade, more agitated, whereas the rooms will be in the building’s rear, a quieter space.

In order to turn the living room into a more ample, pleasant space, we opted for the removal of the partition wall in the old rooms and the opening of the side wall on both sides, to create a wider passage and fluidity. This side wall earns dimension through the application of a mirror in all its’ perimeter.

Past and present meet in the side wall in the living room, whose structure we left visible. Along with a special attention to illumination, this wall stands out for its’ presence and the detail of past construction techniques. The same is visible through the preservation of the rosaceas in the ceiling, highlighted by the light box, both in the living room as in the suite.

The kitchen now occupies a new location, close to the new living room, in an interior space. By its’ side, a new sanitary installation is born, communal and connected to the room, at the same time.

Following the corridor, we find the dorm zone, with a simple room and a suite that uses the existing sanitary installation, now refurbished and reorganized. Both rooms are connected to the terrace in the building’s rear, elevated from the ground floor.

The attention in the finishing works, the choice of the different shades and the light and shadow hues grant this apartment a new character. This apartment, closed and with several problems, becomes open, modern, functional, with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.