Blueprint of the before and after, two bedroom apartment in Lapa, Lisbon

Refurbishment and Conversion of a Store

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architects: Miguel Meira and Rita Ortiz
Functionality: Residential / Touristic
Location: Lapa, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Private

It was in the neighborhood of Lapa, where we discovered this space, located on the ground floor of this building at Rua Maestro António Taborda. In its immediate surroundings we may find the Infante Santo Avenue, Guerra Junqueiro Garden, better known as Jardim da Estrela, and most of the foreign countries embassies located in Portugal.

The main objective of the project was the conversion/change of use, of this space from store into flat. This is achieved by creating more functional and modern environments, making the whole apartment a warm and comfortable space.

As we come to this store we faced serious problems. The previous use and the fact that it is located on the ground floor led to serious problems such as at moisture and infiltration level, which greatly deteriorated throughout the interior. The layout of the store was not compatible with a residential use: two doors directly into the street, different dimensions areas, dark backyard divisions and high humidity made it too uncomfortable space.

Thus, the presented proposal involves the resolution of existing problems both in construction and in terms of comfort. The two divisions towards backyard, once the former kitchen, become rooms with independent access to the new garden area on upper bound.

One room was converted into a suite, making use of existing bathroom that will be all recovered, while the other bedroom has at its disposal the new bathroom in the circulation area. This new facility, all complete, will also have social character.

On the other side we found now the new kitchen being visually connected with the living room. Increased by opening the former existing wall that separates the two spaces helps impart a unique sense of space with two distinct features. The physical separation between the two spaces is taken by the kitchen counter that, beyond this function, also can be used as the next room table. At the level of the living room, to give greater privacy and comfort to the space, were converted existing ports on windows from the inside. Access remains and extends the existing stair to give it a new use in compliance to the wall.

The result is a broad level to a room with a seating area on one side and a dining area on the other, which is connected to the kitchen space at a higher level. The kitchen excels in functionality, from the choice of furniture to its location.

The careful finish, the choice of colors, the light/shade plans gave this apartment a new character. This shop becomes a more open, modern and functional apartment, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.