Blueprint of office in Chiado, Lisbon

Refurbishment Office

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architects: Miguel Meira and Rita Ortiz
Functionality: Services / Office
Location: Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Private

In Chiado's heart we found this space. An open space office endowed with natural lighting from 3 large windows and marked by the presence of a long wooden shelf that defines the space and becomes a prominent element.

We came to this space with the aim to adapt to the new occupants. The main objective for the project and this change was to split the area to create different environments in the same square meters.

So, first of all it is important to define the functionality of each space before leaving for the drawing. The premises of this project will involve the creation of a meeting room, 3 offices for administration, work area, kitchen and reception.

Following the client instructions and choices, appears this new space. Entering, we found ourselves in the reception and waiting area that connects with all other environments. It is possible to access to the different offices and boardroom, or the cooking area (kitchenette) of the employees of this office. It is the connection space in which the lighting plays an outstanding role, identifying the separating spaces.

On the left side we have the administration offices, 3 side by side cabinets, and the meeting room. Here the difference arises, with the choice of materials used to make both individual and collective environment. To access each space were chosen glass office partitions, becoming possible the physical separation of spaces while maintaining a visual connection between the interior and exterior. The same happens in the meeting room. The partition choice occurred for several reasons, being the main one get an open space feeling, avoiding the closed 4 walls feeling, and opening it up to the spaces surrounding, and at the same time to expand the good natural lighting to the remote offices.

Next to the meeting room and the magnificent bookcase wall we have the remaining area. The space although smaller has the privilege of being directly connected to the outside, since it has natural light through the door access to the balcony.

Due to new needs the space configuration was changed. The finishing and the artificial light with the natural light give you a pleasant and propitious work environment.