Blueprint of the facade of the Building in Baixa, Lisbon

Building Refurbishment

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architect: Miguel Meira
Functionality: Residential / Services
Location: Baixa, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Private

Edifice situated at the corner of Rua do Ouro and Rua de São Nicolau, in the heart of Baixa-Chiado, situated in the central and historical zone of Lisbon, in an excellent network of accessibilities and where you find a great number of public transports, especially the subway.

The project constitutes on the urban redevelopment of the exterior of the edifice, common zones and the transformation of three office floors into residential apartments where priority was given to the functionality and to the simple and contemporary design modernizing the space maintaining, in the meanwhile, the original blueprint of the edifice valorizing it in this way.

An edifice where a patent is found confirming a compromise between history, sophistication and modernization of the urban redevelopment and the finishing touches. As from the entrance to the details of the apartments, this edifice is able to combine modern and elegant features such as the characteristic features of the Pombalina construction valorizing the apartments and the building.

On the exterior level the dissonant elements of the facades were removed such as the public advertisements and the air conditioning units, promoting an urban unit in whole. Removing all the existing plaster and replacing these by new plaster with RHP cement and previously with RBE to cover the two façades.

All falling existing tubes were substituted by new ones and all the balconys and railings were repaired, both were painted with RAL the metallic elements of the building and the principal entrance door, which was substituted by two half doors in lacquered wood, mate dark green.

The eaves and the veranda bases were repaired which were found in a condition of adherence. A cleaning process was also done to the stonework and the façades with high pressure and silica sand but before it had been repaired and treated with alkaline neutralizer of salts and decontaminator of fungus and 'Sanit S da Parrot' a type of skin fungus.

A cleaning process and clearing of obstruction of the drainage orifice in the balcony basins, doorsteps and stone surfaces. The degraded wooden elements were substituted such as the aluminum exterior windows were substituted by wooden windows and reparation was done to all other existing elements. The exterior walls were painted with Novaqua paint from Cin and the wooden voids painted in enamel also from Cin.

In relation to the entire exterior coverage, it went through a profound cleaning and reparation process, as well as the eaves in ceramic tiles, with a previous application of silicone liquid which included weed killer and fungicide prevention from humidity.

In relation to the interior, namely in the common areas, the false ceilings were removed from their casings and 'sancas' in 'pladur' were placed. All the existing dissonant doors in the diverse casing were painted and substituted by new doors the same as the existing ones.

All the walls were scraped to remove the existing sand paint leaving them with a smoother, more modern and functional finishing off. The existing coverage were all treated and painted.

In the stairway void all the walls and ceilings were painted as well as the elevator doors. The entire stairway floor, in wood, was sand blasted, cemented and varnished. The existing stairway tiles paint was removed and copies were replaced on the missing wainscoting.

In the entrance hall the floor was put in limestone, in the entrance foyer with limestone 'manganés' tiles.

The Rua do Ouro edifice is the example of a complete urban redevelopment project that offers all the comfort and functionality of a new construction allied to the well being and singularity of a 'Pombalino' edifice.

The excellent location, the construction quality, the functionality and modernization of the finishing touches valorize the building and all its investment.