Before and after of the office conversion into apartments in Chiado, Lisbon

Office Conversion

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architects: Miguel Meira and Rita Ortiz
Functionality: Residential / Touristic
Location: Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Private

This proposal consists in the changes required for an property located in Chiado, Lisbon. With the purpose of space profitability, the proposal focuses on the conversion of an old open space property into two independent apartments.

To that end several designs were considered for the division of the space in two, while creating a small access hall to both apartments. Therefore, when entering the space, we can find a duplex T1 apartment on the right and a bigger one bedroom apartment on the left side. The choice of typology and design of each apartment was a consequence of wanting to give each space a connection with the outside, through the existing windows.

In order to create these new spaces, it was necessary to build a new bathroom for the duplex apartment and two kitchenettes, one per apartment, to better answer the demands of accommodation in a very touristic area. The space configuration and decoration choices were thought to offer a comfortable, modern and functional space.