Blueprint of a three bedroom villa in Praia, Cape Verde

Villa Project

Project Technical Data

Architect In Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architects: Miguel Meira and Rita Ortiz
Interior Design & Feng Shui: Alexandre Saldanha da Gama
Functionality: Residential
Location: Palmarejo, Praia, Cape Verde
Client: Private

The House proposed here is characterized as an element of contemporary architecture. It is intended that the house has a larger opening for its south side and west sides, they can get a better view of the sea. The North and East sides are more closed, reducing visual contact with the surrounding land. The house is implanted into field parallel to their limits, the main entrance on the west side of the ground and the entry of vehicles into the garage made by the South side.


That land belongs to urbanization for the construction of detached houses. The same is located along the coastline and the land, on which it, intends to implement the property in question is located on 1st frontline/sea.

Type of terrain

Quadrangular type, the lot is oriented to the southwest and is parallel to the coastline. The topography of the land does not present major altimetry differences, with a mean elevation of 10.25 m. Its maximum height is 11m and the minimum altitude of 9.5 m, on the Northeast / Southwest side of 1.5 m.

Typology of the house

Floor 0

  • Reception
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Social's Bathroom
  • Maid's room with toilet
  • Access's Stairs to various floors
  • Exterior area with swimming pool

At floor 0 the focus is the common spaces, facing southwest, overlooking the sea. The remaining spaces, social's bathroom and maid's room and office are on the inside flank of the house. The entrance to the property is made by the Northwest side, splitting up for access to floors, office and rooms, getting more sheltered the functional part, Kitchen, Sanitary Installation and maid's room.

Outside there is a leisure area with pool and terrace for outdoor dining, as well as a toilet to the swimming pool.

Floor 1

  • 3 Suites with bathroom
  • Access stairs to various floors

In the first floor, was gave more emphasis to the master suite, giving it a larger area and a full bathroom with panoramic views and private terrace.

The remaining rooms are suites, oriented to benefiting the Southwest side of the magnificent view of the sea sharing the common balcony.

Recessed Floor

  • Gym space
  • Terrace a area semi-covered by a flap shadowing
  • Other floors access stairs

The recessed floor is the ends the building, being a covered and enclosed gym space and the accessible terrace a area semi-covered by a flap shadowing.

Floor -1

  • Garage
  • Swimming pool machines
  • Storage

Finally, the level -1, this floor which is in the basement, intended mainly the location of the swimming pool machines, storage and vehicle parking.