3D Image of a Store in Alcântara, Lisbon

Store Remodelling

Project Technical Data

Architect in Charge: Helder Pereira Coelhoo
Architects: Miguel Meira e Rita Ortiz
Functionality: Services / Commerce
Location: Alcântara, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography by: Architecture Tote Ser
Client: Ana Chocolates

Architectural design of a store, specifically destinated for chocolate.

The store space already existed in the Mercado Rosa Agulha was already prepared with water, electricity and sewage.

Following the commercial space presented, a solution was proposed to adapt the existing space for a new function, which relates to the sale of chocolate products.

The proposal introduces to this space the following adaptations:

  • Furniture, which stands out a set of linear shelves on the entrance wall and a counter in "L" shape next to the window display, with the path of entrance, lined on the outside in white. In the bottom left corner of the shop, upper and lower kitchen furniture and counter-tops in "Absolute White";
  • Space on the ground entrance, reserved for the carpet;
  • Paintings: wall plasterboard in tones of lead "Charm EXTREME MATTE", remaining walls, ceilings and concave suspended module in "SOFT VINYL E277";
  • Placing of two mirrors glued to the right side of the wall, from the store entrance to the plasterboard plan;
  • Inside of the store in porcelain floor Margrés Chic Beige 45x45 and footer of 12cm;
  • Plasterboard wall on top of the entrance of the store and structure in plasterboard suspended on the route of entrance of customers;
  • Recessed lighting in the base of the structure suspended over the counter;
  • Placement of an air conditioner equipment of 12000BTU, with placement of the outdoor unit on the ground floor.

AThe solution found answers the claims of the basic functions of a Chocolate Shop, adding to this project a refrigerated and vented display case at the counter.

The work has an assembling nature, because the store was already supplied of water, electricity, sewerage services and the walls and floor coverings. The intent of this project is to rehabilitate the empty space of the store, valuing its connection to the Municipal Market.